Revolutionise Your Customer Experience. 


At BeansUp we give you so much more than an app. We give you an ecosystem with all the necessary tools including an intuitive, easy to use CMS (content management system). This means that although we provide everything setup, and ready to earn you money out of the box, you have all the control if you wish to tweak any aspect of your content. The power is in your hands! 

App Features


Order + Pay

Enable customers to order and pay from your menu using our amazing one-touch technology. (Thanks Stripe!)


The next evolution in loyalty. Gone are traditional, in-flexible and linear stamped cards. Reward customers in relation to spend, with exciting easily changed loyalty schemes. Double reward point Wednesdays anyone?

Did You Know? Our Software Is Compatible In 17 Countries

Pre-Order To Collect

Customers can pre-order & pre-pay to collect. It's as easy as pre-order, walk-in store, collect + go! Customers  the convenience, and staff that they know exactly when customers are arriving. Less pressure = happier staff!

Personalised Offers

One of the many features of our admin dashboard is that you or your staff can easily create and send offers to customers through the app. In fact, its as easy as name, price and describe. Our software automatically matches offers to the best suited customers based on purchasing habits. It's clever stuff!

Did You Know? Payments Are Processed with Bank Level Security

Super Secure

All payments made to you by customers are secured with 256 bit encryption, that's bank level security. This is why we use Stripe as our payment processor. One-touch payments, an intuitive payments interface and data security.....also they have the cheapest payment processing rate available $$$  

Coffee Traceability + Origin

Educate your customers in a personalised way on the origins and traceability of your coffee. You simply enter the origin, roast and body type. You can even add brew methods! We take this information and display it in a beautiful way to the customer.   

One Touch Payments = Increased Customer Spend

Beautiful User Interface

Simply having your app fully branded and in the app store isn't enough. We have made it a beautiful experience for your customers. With bespoke touches like tailor made icons to fit your brand and menu.