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It’s been tremendously successful for us across the UK
— Hugh Gilmartin, Author & Coffee Consultant




Order + Pay

Your customers can order + pay from your menu. Whether that's office workers pre-ordering and pre-paying their lunch to collect, or someone looking to order a 2nd coffee from their table.  


Your customers earn loyalty through your app as they spend. Unlike the very limited, traditional stamped loyalty cards you can reward your customers in exciting and engaging new ways. Double reward points on the quieter weekdays? No problem!


Tailored Offers

No more marketing guesswork. Engage your customers with personalised offers. The best thing....our software does the hard work for you! Want to reward only your top 5% of most loyal customers with a free coffee? BeansUp has you covered.

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How It Works


We take all the time, expense and technical knowledge required out of creating a beautiful, customised mobile app for your cafe.  Future proof your business, today. 

1. Select Your App Package

2. Branded Just For you

3. Sit back & relax, Your bespoke app is on its way

Countries supported

Interested? Check out our supported country list here


Apps we've built are being used across the globe from Ireland to Chicago 

Minutes Saved

We save customers just like yours precious time queueing every day.

Our Story

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