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At BeansUp we give you so much more than an app. We give you an ecosystem with all the necessary tools including an intuitive, easy to use CMS (content management system). This means that although we provide everything setup, and ready to earn you money out of the box, you have all the control if you wish to tweak any aspect of your content. The power is in your hands! 

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Example Customer Journey

The Order Management Screen (OMS)

Our OMS was developed from the ground up with, simplicity, ease of use for staff and 100% compatibility in mind. The OMS is run using a tablet (we can provide as part of the Essentials Package / or you can buy yourself) or any wi-fi enabled device like a laptop. The OMS display attaches to your current POS.


Staff simply read the orders, and ring them into your till system. It's that simple. We recommend programming an "app" button into your POS to sit alongside "cash" and "card", this way your end of day till receipts will be correct. 

Since all app orders are pre-paid in advance, your staff don't have to worry about handling cash or taking payments. Look at it like a 2nd credit card terminal. 

The OMS Process

1. Order is placed by the customer using the brands app


2. Order appears on their Order Management System OMS


3. Staff simply read the order on the tablet and ring it into their existing till system

Admin Dashboard

This is your hub for all things app related. Here you can view stats, edit your menu, create and send offers to customers, edit loyalty rewards and much more.