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How It Works

We take all the time, expense and technical knowledge required out of creating a beautiful, customised mobile app for your cafe.  Future proof your business, today. 


1. Select Your App Package

Select the package option that right for you. We will email you a sign up link upon package purchase. 



Email us your logos, colour scheme and any in-store photos. We'll take these images and use them to completely customise your app.


3. Sit back & relax, Your bespoke app is on its way

You get a bespoke app in both iOS and Android app stores, as well as a mobile web version. You also get our access to our platform to run the app like the OMS and Admin Dashboard. It's an all-in-one solution out of the box. We have an impressive average 12 day turnaround. 

What will my customised app do?


App Features


• Order and pay from their seats

• Pre-order for collection

• Earn Loyalty Points

• Receive Personalised Offers

• The ultimate in convenience + satisfaction



Fully Branded App in Both iOS + Android AppStores

All included as part of your subscription. A mobile and tablet compatible app in both Android and iOS app stores. Your customers simply search for your brand name and hit download. Simple. 

Simple and Intuitive Order Management Screen For Staff

We've built our OMS with staff in mind from the ground up. The Order Management System runs on a tablet that attaches to your current POS. This means we are compatible with any till system and highly adaptable to any of your needs. 

The OMS acts as an "always on" display. Staff simply view orders and ring them into your current till as normal.  

Complete Flexibility.

Tweak and analyse all of your data, adjust loyalty rewards day to day, push offers to customers phones.....or.....simply let it run itself automatically. 

Level The Playing Field.

Level the playing field with your multi billion pound corporate competitors. Give your customers a better experience and exciting new methods of interaction and payment with none of the huge marketing and development expenses. All for a small weekly subscription.