It's all about the brand you've built. It's an app as unique as your business.

By creating an app for your restaurant you'll not only improve your customer experience with convenient one-touch orders and payment, but they'll spend up to 25% more online than over the phone. You get a fully customised app in the iOS and Android App Stores and the Order Management Screen to run it. We know how busy you are, so we remove the time, resources and the ordinarily huge development cost from creating an app for your business. Our team take care of everything. From design, adding your menu, customising your app icons, and app store submission.

Sign-up, and we take care of the rest. It's that simple. 

Branded Just For You

Don't find yourself listed among your competitors online. Direct customers straight to your own unique app in the iOS + Android app stores.

Increase Customer Spend

When customers buy takeaway through mobile they spend up to 25% more. Your app will even enable you to up-sell "extras" like toppings or sides to customers that can be added to their basket in one touch. 

Money Back Guarantee 

If you don't make your sign-up fee back on orders in the first six months, we'll refund what you paid in full.

Engage Your Customers

We give you all the tools you need to grow your app orders. Our management dashboard lets you track sales, create and send customers your latest offers, edit your loyalty rewards and more.

Simple, Fixed, Subscription Pricing. 

We don't take a percentage of your sales.

No matter how many orders you process, we charge the same monthly subscription. Letting you put that extra revenue back into the things that matter most. 


It Has Been Tremendously Successful For Us Across The UK
— Hugh Gilmartin

Everything you need to future proof your restaurant. 


Order & Pay

Your customers can order + pay in one touch. Our up-selling "extras" feature helps you increase their spend. Customers that pay online tend to spend up to 25% more!

Collection Or Delivery

Flexible for your business, your app can take both collection and/or delivery. Orders appear on your Order Management Screen

Loyalty Rewards

Encourage your customers to return to you and not your competitors. Run a fixed loyalty scheme or offer double reward points on quieter weekdays.

Engage With Offers

You create offers in seconds, our intelligent software sends it to the customers most likely to redeem. It's clever stuff!

Fully Customised + Branded

The app has all your branding and businesses personality and its own unique app in the iOS & Android stores. Build your own brand with your customers rather than listing it amongst your competitors.


iOS + Android App Stores

We take care of everything. From creating your app, to submitting it for approval, and ensuring it runs smoothly when Apple or Google updates their software.


Marketing Your App To Customers? We Have You Covered.

Your business is as unique as your new app, and your marketing material should reflect this. We save you time and money by providing customised and branded marketing material designs to build awareness and grow your online customer base. We include Window Marketing Material like branded "Download Our Ordering App" stickers free of charge with all our apps. We can also have our design team create print-ready marketing material files for you to send to your local printer. Everything from A5 leaflets to counter-top business cards. 


Window Display Marketing

We will give you customised stickers to place in your window. 

Fully Customised + Branded

All of your marketing material is tailored for your business. 

Print-Ready Files

Our designers will do all the hard work for you. You just need to send the files to your printer. It's that simple. 

Social Media Images Included

Online marketing is just as important as offline, so we include social media designs for your twitter and Facebook profile, cover and wall images. 

Increase Awareness Without The Expense

Having an amazing online ordering app is one thing, but getting awareness requires marketing material at the counter, in the window and by staff through word of mouth. By sending you print-ready designs we are removing the majority of the cost from the marketing process. We use our expertise in customer engagement to ensure your marketing material is as impactful as possible. 





Once you purchase your app (£399 +VAT one time creation cost), we will begin work on your app design and build and you will receive your login details. You send us your logo, website address (if you have one), and we will take care of the rest. Your £44.99/month software subscription will only begin once your app is live and available in the app stores. 



Our average time for apps to be available for download in the app store for your customers is 14 days. 



At BeansUp, we don't have any access to the money generated by your app. The control is in your hands. We use an amazing payments processor called Stripe©. In less than 30 seconds you can setup and link a Stripe merchant account with your app. Utilising Stripe© as our payments processor brings huge benefit to both you as the business owner and the customers purchasing through your app. Customers purchases are protected with bank-level 256 bit encryption. Customer payments through the app go directly into your Stripe Merchant Account. You can select to be paid on a rolling daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The best part? Not only is Stripe super secure, but it has the cheapest per transaction rate of any online payments company at 1.4% +20p. Compare that to Paypal at 3% +25p, and the fact that Stripes rate is fully negotiable on transactional volume and you have a brilliant payment package for your business, and your customers. 



The best part? Not only is Stripe super secure, but it has the cheapest per transaction rate of any online payments company at 1.4% +20p. Compare that to Paypal at 3% +25p, and the fact that Stripes rate is fully negotiable on transactional volume and you have a brilliant payment package for your business, and your customers. We do not take any percentage of revenue no matter how much you process. Our subscription will remain fixed, forever :)



As part of your £399+VAT app creation fee we include a Google Nexus Tablet and mount which allows you to view and interact with customer orders. Your staff simply read orders as they appear on the screen and ring them into your existing till/POS system. Simple. 100% compatibility.