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Our Story

Founder of BeansUp, Ross hamilton has always had a passion for technology. He has been building and designing technology products for over 7 years, funding his degree in Business & IT at Queens University designing bespoke websites for clients worldwide.

While at university he created a platform for students to buy and sell their old module books online, raising investment to expand growth. Working long hours in front of computer fuelled both a love and necessity for a great coffee with Ross constantly perfecting his Aeropress techniques at home, and independent coffee shops being a staple for a break from the office. The idea for BeansUp grew out of two things, a love for great coffee and the frustration of spending short lunch breaks stuck in a queue. 

He progressed from an initial sketch on paper, to prototype, securing investment, building a team, and successfully bringing the BeansUp platform to customers from Dublin to Chicago and working with some of the industries biggest names only two years later.


Award Winning

Sentence to describe SCAE Award. 

Industry Specific Knowledge

Discuss technology knowledge combine with Keiths catering knowledge.